Monday, September 8, 2008


I have officially neglected this poor poor blog.....Sorry.School is alot of fun and even though I anticipated it it was still a little surprising to get homework on the first and second day. I am now starting my third day of high school and I am excited. The reason I am writing so late in the morning is because we have a late day every morning....I went to a football game on Friday night and that was fun. My friend Chuck is on the water polo team and the older guys wore togas to the football game so that was really funny. I am really enjoying it and I love ALL my teachers and classes. Guess What? I get to take dance instead of P.E. which means I get to dance EVERY DAY!!! So I am really jazzed about that. My friends and I even have a great lunch spot. theres this little wall underneath a tree and we eat there.I don't know why nobody thought of it before because it wasn't taken....Its so convenient it eve has a trashcan four feet away! I know its a dream..LOL whatever. ANYWAY I have to go and make sure everything is packed so I will see you later dolls!!

Crazy Daisy :D-school

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