Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Another Wednesday.....


lol Another post that no one reads..... gotta love it!!! I can say whatevers I feels like!! :D
lol Its open House today so we got out at like 11:00 am and then my mom picked my best friend Emma and I and dropped us off at home..... we then changed backpacks for outing bags..(coined that phrase isn't it grand?) walked down to the nearby Chinese food restaurant and ate.... we then took our leftovers and walked back to my house..... where we then continued to sing songs and she listened to me read a story I wrote where I acted over the top and added crap that isn't even in the original copy and is stupid so that got us laughing really hard.
 Yeah and then after she went home I watched Power Rangers the original HELL YEAH!! cos that's how I do it! I love that show with some weird passion lol I started watching at least one a night....I wanna see them all.. yes its a weird goal but hey nobody else is gonna know except me and silence..Right silence? *silence speaks loudly* of course that's how it works!!

No I really am not crazy just really lonely I mean not literally but none of my friends are on AIM and that bothers me....I like talking to my friends we have such enjoyable conversations.... you guys better be at freakin open house cos I'm leaving in like half an hour or something... gots to see my teachers..

I'm listening to my new Duncan Sheik/Holy Brooks/Nora Jones/Ron Pope play list known as Total Awesome Slow Down ;D I love those songs and they seem to complement each other the music is low key but REALLY INCREDIBLY GOOD..... to just chill to and sing along with..

Speaking of singing I've tried singing lately and it sounds horrid... and I'm signing up for a summer musical with my friend Alex who's only heard me sing on a freakin DVD LAST year and he thinks I'm pretty good....I sound out of tune and my throat feels strained which means I'm not singing right.... and it sucks and I'm REALLY nervous now and there's no one to reassure me or to help me I feel like I'm on my own and I mean I can just see it.... right before I "reveal" my voice Alex thinking I'm gonna sound good other people prepared for something decent and BAM! I suck and no one wants to really tell me 'm just awful so I get pushed back so far in the chorus line that I cant even see the front of the stage much less the audience and they cant see and DEFINITELY not hear me.......... oh god..I'm scaring myself just typing it... so if anyone is reading this per chance and you are this like ridiculously good singer and you wanna give me some tips and advice........I mean I don't wanna sound desperate oh screw it ---MESSAGE ME!!!!!!! PLEASE I NEED THE ASSISTANCE!!!!! but the chances of someone reading this  slim to none so the chances of someone reading it being a good singer AND commenting with help is like Slimmer Slim than Slim Zero so its a laughable notion...

I wrote a song last night....... well not like a song music wise but lyrics and I can hear the music but I don't know how t o write music so whatever.... it just came out and suddenly its like SH88!! I just wrote a freaking song!! And I REALLY liked it last night and now I don't like it so much but its still like a regular-ish song.. with a chorus and a beginning and a middle and an end.... yes I sang it but softly cos I sounded terrible last night too I swear I'm gonna cry if I cant fix it... :'(

-Danica---I'm singing and singing pretty badly at that!! Cheap money anyone?

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Okay so right now I'm sitting behind the counter of my dad's resturant so thats kinda exciting I guess but its kinda hot cos the oven is on !! Grrrr....I cant wait til summer when I can dance and sing all day!! ahaha I'm singing to my brother on my ipod.:D *voice oozes with sarcasm* he loves it!! no but he doesnt care either......

I can't wait til summer when I can dance and sing all day long!! lalala!! :)but I get to go to dance camp at my studio and I get to do the summer musical....btw the people I was introduced to were all extremely nice and the preformance was good....some old aquantices never change and are still act self centered but whatever the cool people outweigh the stupid people....haha

School is going pretty well spring break ended and with it came my party was really fun >.< even though some people ditched *cough matt,meagan,chris cough cough ahem* no I enjoyed myself emensely and even though I told everyone not to bring me anything I do like my presents they are very nice and thoughtful.......I just dont like the end of spring break cos after the teachers try to cram info down your thrat for the CST test..................bleh!! I cant wait til May 22 cuz thats the spring dance concert and my friends are going to support dance club and watch me preform cos thery're super awesome and they rock...I swear though they are so hilarious and supportive!! they make moi laugh everyday :D and they're super smart!! makin up conspiracy theories....maddy and I stick together in the geometry section :P your friends got nothing on mine!!

ooohhh!! I forgot to tell ya'll that 'm in a hip-hop dance!! Ad its really fun and Angie said I'm ding good!! that comment made my day cos I was thinking about how I'm kinda out of my element but its really just the isolation which I know I can do cuz we do it in ballet....I can do this sh88!!!Lemme tell you though this dance is freakin awesome!!---haha I kinda just gave myself a but yeah its fun and awesome!!

I'm just trying to keep myself entertained since there's not much to is slow..and I finished my homework...Alrighty well I guess I'll sign off now!!!

yes I made that ^

-Danica-- Uniquely Stunning!

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