Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My party was reallllly fun but I wasnt feeling to well and I was sick for a week after :/ but I'm feeling pretty damn great!!!

  Demitri Martin is on tonight!! At 10:30 when I'm fast asleep lol but I'm recording him...The man is pretty hilarious. So now the whole shindig is happening at the movies this sunday..What can I say I love hanging out with my friends.I mean they are pretty fantastic!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I really wish my throat would stop hurting so I can sing!!! I miss singing.. :(  and I sing ALOT randomly and to songs I like....
 And I have a at least 45 sec dance due wednesday we were supposed to already have music chosen and be halfway done with our dance today...I wanna do like two min and I haven't even started...My knees hurt and I have ballet tomorrow......anyway I finally chose my music for the midterm dance and I really like it its like guitar over techno but like soft guitars..... and its just a beat.
 UGH ALEX!!!!!!! I really wanna hear your song and you need to stop over thinking your lyrics...hurry your little behind up finish your song and record the song, burn it on a CD and give it to me!!!!!!! But just listing all those steps is a lot and your lazy so I'll hear in like two I don't mean to offend you just finish it okay?!!

  Danica-- I'm Pretty Damn Great  So Message Me Up!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursdays of All Days.....

Hey Gang 

Or should I say hi to the few people who read these not very interesting posts..Anyways normally I'm leaving for ballet now but today I feel back hurts,my neck hurts,my knees hurt,my hip hurts, my legs are sore........yeah so I figured today would be a good day to rest! :) 
On to more exciting things!! My get together friend thing is tomorrow!! And let me guarantee that we are going to have lots of fun cuz we always do when we're together!! Haha consider today: Matt ran off with my sandals thus forcing me to chase after him to his class--which meant I had to walk on the icky school ground barefoot (eewww) It was very gross and vexing but it was also extremely hilarious seeing everyone look at me weird with no shoes on..hahaha sorry you wont be able to come Matt ;) or if that's not proof enough consider the daily task of making fun of the way Chris sits at lunch.. we're not mean about it but its funny! Or the fact that Maddy and I always say Bloody Gorgeous or just look at the very random conversations I have with Alex...... Paul laughing at my dancing, Edo always looking like the water polo jock she is or Emma always thinking of interesting things to talk about...Yeah put all of us together and I suggest you barricade yourself somewhere safe ;D. I can't wait!!!! 

 Oh by the way I just want to say thanks to Alex for helping me not be a loser at the summer musical and introducing me to people at the winter musical. I'm sure your friends are just as cool as you say and I'm very excited to get a sneak preview and meet them!! :)

oh well this signals the end of another unnoticed post that allows you to read of things that happen in my world!

Danica--- Cleaning now for Tomorrow!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Disco Heaven........

I would love to be in some sort of twisted disco place right now......but its FRIDAY so thats good enough for moi!! Que'est-ce que tu fait? Je suis...idk I'm just having a little party in anticipation for the get together I'm having with my friends on Friday!! I'm so jazzed they should put me on Broadway.....Wow that was lame 0.o  well I'm no comedian..Anyway I really have nothing to say okay this is priceless  signing off now

Danica--OHMYGOSH!!!I ACTUALLY GET TO SEE SOMETHING!!! *hyperventilates* 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dancing With Me, Myself, and I'm Imagining You XP


Currently listening to Dancing With Myself... I heart this song!! Okay so today was pretty good yesterday was Em's Birthday!! So that was fun... I recently got accepted into Jr. Company "ForReals" so on Monday I go to ballet from 4:00-5:00 and jazz from 5:00-6:00 (We are doing this really awesome Indian influence dance) And on Thursdays (today) I have ballet from4:45-6:15 and character from  6:30-7:00.. we did a lot of fun turns in that class. So I got home and cekeater you were on chat and then after I take a ten min shower and shove food into my stomach because I was like SUPER hungry I come back because I needed to ask you when the summer musical disappear you're probably eating dinner BUT I NEED TO KNOW THE TIME!!!!! (-.-") Darn you!! And why do I need to know so badly? Because I got my summer intensive/Dance camp times from my teachers and it goes from 2:00-5:30. I'm so excited for summer its gonna be so much fun!!!!! Btw my summer dance classes include BEGINNING POINTE!! that's what I'm talking about! as well as... musical theatre,jazz,hip-hop,ballet,character and tap! how much fun is that?! So much I know!!>.<

 Moving on from my already started Dance Career (lol) Today was a good day until the end of school. Bio was some kind of sick joke... with Hoffman yelling at us to finish our plasmid-DNA  rings. Which wasn't hard my group finished that within reasonable time but then my group needed help with EVERY problem on the worksheet..and we couldn't turn in the ring without all three of our groups papers... We ended up staying five min. after which consisted of me basically teaching my group *sighs* And Mz. Hoffman was so stressed and the feel of the room was stressed. So guess what? I came home stressed and in a crappy mood... I finish my homework after getting in a tiff with my mom and I put my stuff in my room......I should have a sign :Warning..Its a Jungle Out There... Its really bad which of course pissed me off I like my space to be practically spotless.. and this nail polish I'm wearing chips easily so it looks really bad! My available message on chat said..SUPERHERO NEEDED NOW!!!!! I needed someone to break the tension.... thanks cekeater it IS a good thing you're a superhero lol >.<>You wont sign back on because American Idol is on!! You ARE married to that show hahaha you cant argue cuz this is MY blog!!! You are in LOVE with that show and you think its soooo awesome you're OBSESSED with it!! hahahaha okay enough of that...I would be watching it right now if my brother wasn't watching.........wait for it..........Spongebob Squarepants *sighs* (-.-"")  I dont like that show..... 

Well I'm signing out now................ 
Flow With It

Danica-- YES!!! I WOULD LOVE TO!!

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