Thursday, August 28, 2008

School Time!!

School comes closer and closer...I start on Sept. 4.. I am going to orientation today and tomorrow I go to registration.VERY exciting!! I look forward to it! :) See you soon!!

Crazy Daisy-Soaking Up Summer

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fading... Fading....Fading....

As you may notice I haven't been posting as much. I have been enjoying the fading summer. No school.No work.No Dancing(at the current moment) Just me doing whatever I please.What a luxury. I just got signed up to go to the "big" high-school. I have an appointment with a counselor tomorrow and I have registration on a friday sometime.I should check that:P.So yeah. I am kinda excited but this school is WAAAAY bigger than the last school I went to. Its kinda intimidating. But I'll get used to it I guess. So yeah.Not much else to say. Post more later!!

Crazy Daisy-*relaxing silence*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I have now gained another Title......Brace Face!!

Yes!! I have always wanted to be able to call myself Brace Face!!Not really but whatever lol. So yeah I have braces. Its so much fun!! Not really lol (you are going to hear me say that a lot :P) My rubber bands are the only color pink I really like: hott pink. It looks very me. I also have these matching hott pink fingerless gloves tat I started wearing. They are kinda fun and they are really comfortable to wear.My summer has been very exciting. Not really lol. Um I am starting to take classes at another ballet company I start on Sept.2. If everything works out the way I want it to I will still be able to take my weekly class at the studio I "used" to go to. Its not really a company its more like practice classes so yeah. If everything goes as planned I will be able to take 3 classes a week!! So I am soooo jazzed about that! AAAAnnnnnnndddddddddd On Thursday I am getting a barre and hopefully a mirror and some floor to help me turn my garage into a little studio!!! VERY VERY Excited about that!! I am so grateful that my parents are wiling to spend the money and time to help me be able to hopefully become a professional dancer. I couldn't do anything like this without them! So I will see you little kitties Later!!!

Crazy Daisy- Very Jazzed!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Done!!

I have now successfully finished Breaking Dawn as of 10 minutes ago!! I wont say anything specifically about it except WOW!! Stephanie Meyer has outdone herself on this one. It is so fantastic!! The release party was so much fun and I found 50 other books throughout the bookstore that I want to buy :) ...figures. And At my bookstore they have Book Nerd T-shirts I want one!!! OH and my favorite part about the party was that I won a raffle!! I never win anything and when I think about it I have never won a raffle. I won a Twilight movie Poster! It was the last one too! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I could go on and on about how great this book is but I don't think you want to read for an hour just to get through with this post but I will say its magical. So I will see you kids later!!<3


Friday, August 1, 2008

Its Coming!!!

Yes my friends tonight will be the night when we hang with vampires!! Breaking Dawn is Almost here!! I am going to my all time favorite bookstore to celebrate Edward and Bella's engagement at their engagement party with my cousin Katie! We both cannot and plan to read all night.To my fellow fellow twilighters.... enjoy.

See you at the wedding!!

Crazy Daisy-anxious

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