Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Updates...on everything well kinda

Hi Guys
The fire is more thatn half contained.It has burned 700 acres. The smoke has cleared.Things are looking up and I have school tomorrow and Thursday but we get Friday off for pupil free day.Hehe I only have to go to school for two days.yes!! I ahem got my letter from the preforming arts school I auditioned for. Bummer but I had a plan and will see all my old friends from school last year at the local high school which will be tons of fun. So yeah. I am not giving up dancing because I love it too much. All I have to say to those judges is"I'll see you next year! And next time i'm getting in wether you like it or not. What did you say?Nothing? Thats what I thought!"So yeah LOL. Feeling really good right now and I am listening to Let Love In. Good song. Feeling content. Okay I have to say it Natasha you crack me up and you really helped make my day better after I opened that letter. I was laughing when I read your coment. I LOVE YOU (no not in that way but you know)LOL. :D
Crazy Daisy:) -energetic

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fire Update

Okay I know that I mentioned a fire and I thought I would give you and update.

The fire is up in the mountains by a city but they are retreating up higher into the mountains. The area in which the fire is currently burning hasn't burned for around 40 years so there is tons of fuel for the fire.The fire is about one quarter contained and they estiate that it will take at least another five days until it is 100% contained. The smoke and ash is bad. The school I go to is definately not that close to the fire but my mom decided that we should stay ome because the ash is really bad and she thinks that my school will send the students home because of the horrible air conditions. Well as far I know nothing has been damaged except the small 500 some acres of wilderness!! I know I am just dying! Poor land. I think that a smalll shed got burned but noone has gotten hurt from the fire. One fireman sprained an ankle,another hurt his knee,and another suffered from heat exhaustion. So things are looking up? I just want this to stop. Hopefully someone didn't start it. I do agree with you Natasha that global warming is horrible and needs to stop but I doubt that global warming started it. LOL :0P Anyway to talk about it is good though. Just send good wishes this way and hope that those 1000 people evacuated are okay and hope that no houses get burned. x >.< x Fingers crossed!!

Crazy Daisy

Sunday, April 27, 2008


If you did it says its all good and it is. I realize that you are only trying to help. If you didnt read it then read it right now.Notice there are 3 comments. Well yeah. So I hope you are all doing very well. There is a brush fire going on close by and its horrible. I feel bad for the people where it is going on. The smoke and ash smells really bad. I can just hope that it stops soon and nobody's house is burned or damaged. On a good note I will post my story but later because I dont feel like typing it in right now. Yes I know a bit selfish but I dont feel like doing it. Sorry. check in later this week and it should be up.Have a fabulously fantastic day beautiful people!
Crazy Daisy : >

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hey Guys
Had a good day so far. Volunteered for the day of 1000 volunteers today.I pulled alot of weeds on my school campus.I had to leave early to make it to my ballet class. Myclass was okay except some people in my class said some things that didn't make me feel that great but that happens everywhere so I just brushed it.....kinda. So I got dirty and sweaty then went and got more dirty and sweaty and then I took a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG shower. Now I feel just great. I even caught a James Bond movie on T.V. God Pierce Brosman is the hottest and one of the best James Bonds.By the way it was The World Is Not Enough. So yeah. Ahem I do have the next part of my story but I am a little scared to put it up because it is probably not exciting enough. I have had it for a while but I am scared to see what you critics thought of it especially those who commented last time.(LOL) So I don't think I will put it up today. Sorry give me some time to collect my courage. Have a good time and volunteer your time today to make this world a better place!

Crazy Daisy :P

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I always loved Vinny and Fred's house. You were greeted by a brightish red of the Living room walls. The couch was black and had matching chairs. There was some exotic looking flowers in a white vase on the beech coffee table. We traveled through the orange dining room with the beech dining table and matching beech chairs with black cushions.There were some more flowers orchids,I think in an abstract vase on the table. We continued into the kitchen. The smell made my mouth water. Fred smiled at us, "I made burritos; Bean and cheese your favorite. The kitchen was painted a light yellow. The microwave and the oven were both stainless steel to match the fridge. The cupboards were beech. There was a tall kitchen table(also beech) with matching chairs. There were some daisies in a black vase on the table. Beech was Fred's favorite wood I liked it too.The counters were white tile.Pots and Pans were hanging. This was Vinny's mom's dream kitchen. She died when he was little. When they moved in they decided to dedicate it to her. I heard she loved to cook. That was pretty much the extent of what I knew about her. Vinny didn't talk about her much. Fred did occasionally but he never said much. We all went into the dining room and started setting it for diner. Vinny brought out the burritos and we started to eat. After we were done Fred said that he had,had a long day and was going to go relax in the living room and watch the news. I started taking the dishes to the sink and then I started washing them. Vinny pushed open the kitchen door. "You don't have to do that you know." "It's the least I can do to even begin to pay you guys back for all the dinners I have had here." I responded. Vinny was quiet as I finished,thinking I concluded. "I want to show you something I made",said Vinny. "Okay." I said slightly excited as I dried off my hands and followed him.

I hope you guys like it! I don't need to say it but I will PLEASE COMMENT I NEED TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK! well I will check in later.

Crazy Daisy :)

Yes I am alive and no I did not Dissapear! :D Be Happy.....Be VERY Happy

Yes I am back.I can just hear the sighs of relief from you guys. Want to know what I was doing for the most part one-no two words HOMEWORK and SCHOOL so technically three but whatever.So yes I have been a victim of this thing we call academics. It gets on my nerves sometimes with homework and school and Grease rehersal.Hmmm.Did I tell you that I am in Grease? I don't think so ...so let me tell you I'm in Grease! and I am.....drum roll please..the star of the show SANDY!!! Yeah that's cool trust me I know. So yeah. Well then I know y'all are all eager to read my story so Ill post it next. May your days be filled with happiness and excitement.And be more fun than mine :P
Crazy Daisy :0)

Friday, April 11, 2008


I could never catch Vinny. He was always faster than me. Tired and gasping for breath from a combination of running and laughing, I started walking. Vinny ran right by me just for spite."Come on slowpoke!" I crossed my arms, made a pouty face ,"I don't wanna play anymore.........uh.. You're Mean!!!" I said in a whiny, little kid's voice."Okay ....... I'm sorry" said Vinny smiling. "Now stop being a grouchy face." "No! You wouldn't let me catch you! You are Mean!!" I kept my little kids voice. "Well I guess then I'll just have to make you stop." Said Vinny coming closer with his arms outstretched as if...as if to tickle me!" Oh no....." I said already starting to laugh. "I do not like being tickled" " Well you said you wouldn't stop being grouchy." "Okay ...Okay I'll stop being grouchy I promise!!" "Fine I'll show you some mercy... this time." Changing the subject before it went back to tickling me I said"Oh look at the sunset" "Let's watch it." Vinny and I sat in the middle of the field and watched the sun set." We should go before we get stuck in the dark", Vinny said as the sun sunk behind the trees. "Where do you want to go Angelina?" I knew he was asking whether I wanted to go to his house and have dinner with him and his dad or if I wanted to go to my house and have dinner with myself. I thought for about 2 seconds when Vinny interrupted me. "Come on my house is closer" Making my mind of for me so I wouldn't dwell on dinner alone...AGAIN. We started walking. He knew how much I hated going home to an empty house, or to a house filled with yelling and how lonely I felt being by myself all the time. Vinny's phone rang."Hello? Oh yeah dad. We are coming up on our block right now." Fred came up on the porch and we could see him waving. I waved back . Vinny hung up and we watched him disappear inside. We started up the stairs to the porch. Vinny reached for the screen door. "Vinny? I...uh.. just wanted to say thanks..." He turned and looked at me " No problem Ang." He opened the door and we walked inside.

Iknow another cliff hanger! Well you guys just have to deal.I am starting something new. If you guys comment ask a question about the story or the characters and I will answer it in my next post. Sorry I can't really say anything about the future but maybe Ill say a tiny bit. Help me Help you but really Helping me. :) Hope you guys liked it! COMMENT ,COMMENT, COMMENT!!!!!!!!

Crazy Daisy :)


Hey Guys
I haven't been up to much. Well. That's a little lie. I was celebrating my birthday early and I got a manicure and went shopping with my "sister/mom" K (my dad's girlfriend). Which she kind of is but the guy at the nail place refused to believe that I was her "sister" I must be her "daughter". It was hilarious. We were laughing the whole time. I had a ton of fun. Then we went to a seafood place with my cousins(all 4 of them),my 2 brothers. My uncle (who is back from Iraq....Yay!), my grampa, K ,my dad, and K's little brother B. I had noticed that there were alot of people w/ birthdays and the restaurant was putting funky hats and what not on them and making them do embarrassing stuff. I had told everybody that if they do it I was going to flip. B said"too late that was the first thing I did." HAHAHA...I was SOOOO thrilled. I looked at him and told him that he was so dead. I really wanted to beat him up. But his being 16 and all my chances were very unlikely. So I old him I was going to kick him. In the end I didn't because I was being VERY nice. I even put on the hula skirt,and lei and did the hula around the room while they sang to me. Then we went home and my grampa took me to get a cake. I chose a cheesecake that had fruit on it. He asked the lady to put Happy Birthday Crazy Daisy(I know I'm funny. I prefer to remain mysterious.LOL) on the side in Blue. It was good cake and then we just hung out. So maybe I have been a little busy. On top of that I have been preparing for my auditions which are coming up REALLY soon. I'll know my results by May 13. Very Scary. Now it's story time. Sorry about the cliff hangers. To me its funny. I laugh at you while you cry over the fact that you have no idea whats going to happen and I do. :P I'll try not to make it a cliff hanger but no promises or guarantees.
Crazy Daisy :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Story Time!!

I laughed and walked into the lobby. VInny was waiting for me. "Hey Ang!" Vinny came and gave me a hug. " Did yu have a good class?" " It was alright." I replied as Vinny grabbed my bag. Vinny has been my best friend since forever. We met in kindergarten when Vinny asked me if I wanted to play tag. We soon found out we didn't like playing with the other kids because thye were mean. We would always play just the two of us. "Where do you want to go?" "I don't know where do you want to go?" "I dont know where do you want to go?" This went onwith us just laughing and walking. We ended up just walking all the way to the park. We made our way to the field.It was lined with Cherry Blossom Trees. It had a good sized chunk for a walkway into he field. It was a pretty secluded area in a pretty secluded park. We walked up to the entrance of the field,our field, or at least what we liked to call it. It was where we would come to be little kids again.We had been coming to this field since we were 12. That was about 3 1/2 years. Vinny set my bag down and steppedtoward me. He was inches from my face he looked me in the eye and said " You're it " Then ran off."You are dead!" then I ran after him"

Hope ya'll like it! please comment.

Crazy Daisy :)

BACK!! yay I know you're excited..

Okay I know that was not really a weekend but yeah. Some of you will notice that I have been paying attention to your blog and not mine (comments I have left) . I am on spring brak now and will hopefully be more active on my blog. Bringing you up to date I will say that my birthday is coming up in a couple of days and on my birthday I will be trying out for a preforming arts high school and I am trying out for ballet. I amvery nervous /excited/WHAT the heck am I doing? . ANYWAY I am going to type some more of my story in and to Natasha I will do the tag thingy later cuz I know everybody want to read the story. Btw I really am not concieted I just like acting like it cuz its kinda funny. Its called sarcasm. If you like it great if you dont I dont really care. So Yeah.
Crazy Daisy :)

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