Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sickness and Earthquakes

Hi Guys!

Oh wow an eventful pair of days yesterday and today have been. Yesterday I got sick in the evening. I got to throw up my guts twice in the night.It was very pleasant. I spent my night half awake and feeling either too hot and sweating or too cold and shaking. But that's over now(thank god) I only have a headache and I was actually able to eat a small meal without my stomach acting weird. So I feel much better. Now if you are near the Los Angeles area which I am you should have felt the 5.4 earthquake today because I know I did! My whole house was shaking. My mom and brothers were out for dentist appointments so it was just me and my dog. Jasper didn't like it very much when I grabbed him and ran under my desk.Nothing fell and nobody was hurt it was kind of surreal.I mean you don't realize exactly whats going on or what you are doing until its over and by then its lost the freakiness and is kind of cool. But that is just me :P Well I will talk to you people later.Until then..-i don't know do something I guess.

Crazy Daisy-listening to Indian music

Friday, July 25, 2008

ITS DONE!!(random title ...i know)

Okay now everything is finally sorted out and I am able to get on the computer again. There really isn't not much to say I went to dance class yesterday and I had so much fun!Oh yeah I never said it here but......I CUT MY HAIR!!!!! It was like half way down my back and it is now to my chin.I cut off 15 inches and I am donating it to Locks of Love.It is a little layered and a little choppy and short. I really love it. I mean my long hair was pretty and long but I never wore it down because it like hid my face It was like a cloak a not very attractive cloak. But now that its short you can actually see my face structure! I do miss my long hair a little but my hair grows pretty fast so it will be longer soon.I also made a new blog about me and my dancing and my dancing whatever so yeah. You don't have to check it out it really isn't that good and I just kinda make a fool out of myself with my obvious lack of experience and experiences so yeah. Its called The Life of a WannaBe Dancer so that would be me. Look at that I said there wasn't much to say yet I still scrounged up a halfway decent blog post(!) Yay!! <3>
Crazy Daisy -Hmmmm ...

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hey Guys I havent been able to write in a while my internet is going haywire and I need to go. Sorry about the whole no info thing but I kinda have nothing to say and I kinda have to go so I will see you guys later when my internet is working.Sorry!
<3 ya
(just felt like posting in different colors)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Your Friends,My Friends,We're all Friends

So your friends were at fault and you haven't had your phone for about three weeks.I don't know if its true but I am still going to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe it. It will help not have problems next year. Are we still cool as friends? Yeah we are. But I will say I don't really like your friends.My friends aren't that big of fans with you or your friends but in the end we are all friends. So that wraps things up in the boy mistake part two. I learned another lesson and I will tr y again.At least we are still friends right?I guess. See I will just keep trying until I find my Edward Cullen and my very sweet friend on polyvore said this "P.S. You'll get your "Edward Cullen"in the end....:D And that boy only has a heart big enough for his Bella....(that's you ;D)"

And that whole comment made my day ladies and gentlemen!! Thank you Lex!! I love you. I am trying again and finding my Edward Cullen!! Peace out!

Crazy Daisy-Optimistic

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why?Why ??Why ???Why????

Why is it that I still feel this way?? I told myself over and over that it doesn't affect me but yet it still does. Why is it that I call you again and again to apologize or something and every time everyday you don't call back I hurt more and more. The crack my heart broke from before are cracking again and they almost hurt worse because this is now the second time I have had bad luck. The second time someone has decided not to want me. But this situation is different you said you wanted me before but now you turn your back and ignore me. I need distraction everyday otherwise I think too much and just go in a vicious circle. Around and around..Why me?? Whats wrong with me??? What did I do? I don't know but nothing matters to you anymore so why should I? Maybe its better to say I don't matter to you anymore....So why do I still bother?

Crazy Daisy-hurt :*(

Monday, July 7, 2008


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