Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CRAZY-even for me!

OMG this past like two(?) weeks have been a rush of school,homework,eat,sleep,breathe,get dressed,stay awake,oh yeah ballet..,brush your teeth,wake up-ness. It has been very tiring..I have hardly had anytime to pratice dance which really pisses me off. I like being able to stretch and do some simple excersices before I go to bed.This past time has been to demanding and I have been dead asleep right when I hit the pillow.Yes state testing is done but we now have to be prpared for a state of finals.Math and science in the class.But we ALSO have to do an ADDITIONAL math and english test for the district.That SUCKS...TREMENDOUSLY. I hate it! oh btw I preformed Grease all last week!! It was a ton of fun.I preformed it 4 times! I got to see my uncles again.They both came back from Iraq and it was really fun.We just messed around and made fun of each other all weekend.Can't get any better than that Right? So yeah lots happening.ON TOP OF THAT..MY MOMMY IS GETTING MARRIED ON SATURDAY!! Yay!!I love J he is really cool and tons of fun. so yeah. this is her dress. It is the gold one with the rufflies.This is my dress right here Its the green halter top eyelet one in the bottom right hand corner.So yeah!Very busy.I am soo JAZZED cuz I have ballet class tomorrow.Yippie!! I found this really cool site check it out! It is
Register and go crazy!!
So yeah thats about it.LOL:P

Crazy Daisy-Love Ya!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


HEHE this site makes me happy..Angelina Ballerina: Dance Studio . I am now going to watch Barbie Swan Lake. I only have Swan Lake and the Nutcracker. Ballet my love ballet. Call me a loser but those movies make me happy.OMG I LOVE the movie Step Up.Pretty much any (cheezy or not) dancing movie you can bet I will love.

Crazy Daisy-Happy in my little Dancing world

Monday, May 19, 2008


Well I did the tag thingy last night but then the internet went wack blah blah blah.ANYWAY I loved today it was a very hot/scary/busy/turned into happy amazing day though still hot. I sent my letter. To the person of my new found affections. Thank you for your letter back. I really needed it. I am glad that you feel the same way. I am kind of on a sort of cloud right now. Whats past is past I asked S about what you did. Yes you shouldnt have done it I get it. But I dont think that you would do it now. Besides you did it before I knew you. Im NOT going to stop liking you because you made a mistake. I also want you to know that you can trust me and talk to me when you need someone to talk to I wont judge. I also wont hurt you like your other friends. So I had a fabulous day today.Have a good day peoples.

Crazy Daisy -Presently Surprised


So just how did she know I would read her blog.IDK.Just how did she know That I needed a distraction?IDK. Cuz shes awesome freakin phsycic like that!!LOL


1.Put your music player on shuffle.
2.Press forward for each question.
3.Use the song title as the answer. Even though it doesn’t make sense. NO CHEATING!!!
4.Tag 3 people.
5.Bold the questions. And with the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the question.

What song will be played at your wedding?

All We Have by Brazilian Girls

Perfect it is a romantic song well kinda...

What song will be playing during your first kiss?
Wait had to skip Classical music cuz it has no name.Hope that doesn't count as cheating.LOL She Loves You by the Beatles.Well I hope I love my first kiss!!

What’s today’s soundtrack?
A Kiss to build a Dream on By Rod Stewart.
Well I do want some sort of response from you who I sent my letter to.Maybe a kiss but some sentences would be nice too...

What will your life be like after 20?
Had to skip Cirque De Soleil had no English title.Lets see.
Everytime We Say Goodbye by Rod Stewart
I will love someone and we will always be saying goodbye?I hope not cuz I hate being in that situation.

What does your computer feel towards you?
Enter the Circus by Christina Aguilera
UH Freaky. It want me to run away to some freaked out circus?? I thought it liked me more cuz it always works for me.Ill have to improve this relationship.

What song should you play when you’re alone in the dark?
So Long Jimmy by James Blunt
um I like this song...Good song but I don't get it. Something is over??

Song to dance to when no one’s watching?
Something by the Beatles
"Something in the way she moves attracts me like no other lover"
I think the lyrics speak for themselves. (I am a dancer)

Song playing when you brush your teeth?
Falling by Ben Kweller
Good song.Funny this album cover shows him brushing his teeth perfect.

The ultimate thing to do before you turn 50?
I'm Looking through You by the Beatles
Either I will be really different or I will see how everybody else is changing except me.

What goes on in your doctor’s head before he injects you?
A Day in The Life by the Beatles
Um don't get it maybe they want my life?

Scare song for siblings (just when they get too attached)?
Crazy She Calls Me by Rod Stewart
Haha funny its a slow song.Yes I am crazy when you get too close!!!

What will you say when he proposes?
Love You Inside Out by the BeeGees
Well I least I love him lots which means Ill say yes and well live happily ever after*sigh* Wonder who it will be

What do you hate most about your best friend?
Broken by Norah Jones
Are my friends broken??Does that mean I'm broken..Figures We all know something in my head is broken.

I Can't get Started by Rod Stewart
um I can't get started ...idk

What will you work as when you grow up?
How it Should Be by Ben Kweller
Ill be a movie star of Ill be something that's important to me and everyone else will think its nothing I think the second one is it!!

Biggest fear?
Larger than Life by the Backstreet Boys
Um I'm afraid to be larger than life.but urm I want to be larger than life*sighs*

Who were you in your past life?
Turn Back Time by Aqua
I guess I'll have to turn back time to find out so since I have yet to discover how ,you guys come up with what you think.

Do you have a secret admirer?
The Battle by Lady Sovereign
OOH will there be a battle for me.Wow cant wait I'm flattered.

What are you thinking of when you look in the mirror?
The Way You Look Tonight by Rod Stewart
People will always remember how I look cos I'm sooo Beautiful...:P

Song during your first date?
Hoodie by Lady Sovereign
um my date will be over dressed or dressed ugly and Ill take him shopping and show him how to really dress?HAHAHAHAHA

How will you die?
I Feel Fine by the Beatles
Um I will feel fine when I die?but I have yet to know how..

Your stalker’s theme song?
The Word by the Beatles
"Say the word I'm thinking of..Have you heard the word is Love"
Creepy my stalker is in love with me,loves stalking me or both

What message do you send to kids?
Michelle by the Beatles
um explain? Kids will love me and say my Michelle and that they love me. Well I am good w/kids but...whatever

What is the first thing your crush will say to you?
I Gotta Get a Message to You by the BeeGees
that message is ?I love you so much yyyyeeeeaaaahhh that's it......

What will you say to Johnny Depp?
Feel Good by the Gorillaz
Well I will defiantly feel good if I'm talking to him :P

What are you feeling? Mood-o-meter?
Tale Spin by Whoever created the theme song to the show?
um my head is spinning with thoughts about tomorrow..

What do you think of the person who tagged you?
Cherry,Cherry by Neil Diamond
um I don't know but its an upbeat feel good song.So Natasha is like super awesome and the best blogging buddy and I love her!!KISSES TO NATASHA

What does your crush think about you?
No Bravery by James Blunt
He thinks I'm not brave but but I am!!I AM!!!!!!!Maybe not..hmm...

Song playing when you’re out shopping with your friends?
Little Room by Norah Jones
hehe um well we wont be doing the stuff in this song but we will be together and its a good song.

What goes through your head when the plane you’re on is gonna crash?
James Bond Theme Song by whoever plays it?
I will escape and be super awesome spyish like James Bond

Last one. Press forward one last time and insert song underneath.
Seasons Change by Corinne Bailey Rae

I tag:Nobody cuz I have no one to tag

BTW I have more awesome music but my player liked to choose ones by the same artist*sigh*

Crazy Daisy-Happily Distracted

Sunday, May 18, 2008

*SIGH* What the heck am I doing? OH MY GOD...

Once again this is for he who probably wont read this........... I gave that letter to M to give to you.... M wouldn't give it back to me because she said I needed to get my feelings out and that now she was my big sister. I freaked and pleaded to no avail. I know you got it she gave it to you after school. I being the wimp I am purposefully made so that you would get it after school on a Friday and I would be in Grease Rehearsal til 5:30 and then I wouldn't have to see you for two days. Slightly bad idea because all weekend it was in the back of my mind. What will you think?Oh I know you read it? What will you say tomorrow? How will you react? How will I react? Oh my god what have I done?? Please don't be mean I don't think I could stand it. I know you won't though because that's not how you are. I almost wish that I never wrote it but its good to get out. It started with writing a fake letter that I was never going to send. It turned into a better written letter that got put in an envelope and given to you. I am freaking out and don't really want to go to school tomorrow. All Friday when ever I saw you I always felt the presence of that letter in my backpack. It was hard. A bajillion thoughts went through my head. I think I may have ruined my life....FOREVER if you don't respond tomorrow at school...................

Crazy Daisy- Anxious/Nervous/What the heck am I doing???

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is not for the other people who read this blog this is for you who probably wont read it.......Confused,Lost,in a Haze of commotion colors people thoughts. You asked me I said no. Did I mean it or was it just an immediate reaction? I thought I meant it but reflecting I am torn. Do I? I cant. But do I me Crazy Daisy mean it? I have no idea. With friends and such I am swept up but not enough to notice your reaction is it a reaction or is it me? The not saying hi so much, the not talking so much,the not showing me what you were drawing when you have been showing me all of your drawings so far, the not giving me a hug? I don't want things to change. And Every time I notice a most subtle change I hurt I feel bad. You probably wont read this but you commented before. I ask myself every time I hurt..Did I mean yes instead of no? I feel bad I never meant to hurt you in even the slightest way but I have been through the same thing you have although ten times worse. I think I might but is it to late you tell me....But you wont read wont email...your email is retarded and you don't have the password and you are too lazy to make another one. I wish you would tell me because I am starting to believe that you are perfect for me?I have no idea but you might be.

Crazy Daisy-Mixed Emotions

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Crazy Daisy-done

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


BAD BAD day at school. Not going to get into it just going to forget it(?) Getting better now that I'm home and relaxing in my just cleaned room. Its really hard for me to relax in a cluttered area. Um good thing? I REALLY LIKE Radiohead. It might even become a love then an obsesion. I listened to their whole album Stuck in Rainbows today. Well not much is going on. Hope your day was better. Oh and if you could give me some band names (not used) for the band I'm in we are still figuring out a name and we kinda need help. So whatever . Peace.
Crazy Daisy- blah

Monday, May 5, 2008


Hey Guys
This weekend I was with my dad and he doesn't have Internet at the moment so I couldn't post.I was so shocked and saddened when we went to a store. There was a girl about 13-14 and pregnant. I was so shocked at first.Even when I was home her image circled my head along with millions of questions. Why? How hard must it be to go to middle school and have people stare? How many people have called her something nasty? How many times does she feel scared?Insecure? How many days has she gone by feeling ashamed? Is it really something to even be ashamed about? Does she feel ashamed? Does she ever think what am I going to do? How does her family react? How did the people in the store react? I just caught a glance I didn't get time to react. I don't think I could have acted any different. It would disgust me if I acted mean to her. Why do we look down upon girls like her? Why do we call them names? Why are we so horrible? I'm not saying everybody here acts like that but how many people do? That girl. Only a glimpse-nothing really. But everything was within that nothing. A story about Love.(was it God I hope so) A tragedy about tough times, discrimination. A heroine becoming stronger. Everything within Nothing. That night I prayed and I prayed hard to somebody anybody that that girl may have less hard times ahead of her. That her journey may be somewhat easier. That she would grow strong. That somebody would reach out to her and give her a smile. Help her with her homework-whatever she needed. I thought about her all night. I thought about how hard it must be. Even for other people. The homeless, the prostitutes, the gang-bangers, everyone. We look down upon them and walk right by. A smile can change someones day can keep someone from killing themselves from doing something they know they shouldn't. Why call these people horrible things and don't think a second thought about it. We should. We see someone struggling to push a stroller and carry groceries to their car. In everyday life we just walk by these people-walk AROUND them, ignore them and eventually forget about them. Why? I dare you to stop and help I ask you to stop and help. Even if its just a smile to a stranger walking by or jumping someones car. Do something nice send good thoughts and reach out. You would want someone to do the same if you were in that situation. Think about it then leave a comment I am interested in what YOU think.
Crazy Daisy- thoughtful

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