Saturday, March 29, 2008

AWAY...........short term don't worry.

Okay here is the deal I am taking the weekend off. Maybe....well it depends (how long I can not post) I am doing homework and writing my story. Some of you wer wondering if it is already written or if I write it day by day. Tha by day.Random fact I clean my room once a week normally(that includes vacuming) but sometimes I have to clean it twice because I make it dirty right after I clean it. So yeah. Have a good weekend you guys!!
Crazy Daisy :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3rd Part of My Story With No Name seriously help me in this department!!

The studio makes me feel calm and determined.I feel like I can do anything and everything. This was the place I loved to come to. The studio always accepted you for who you are , never judged,and worked with you. Most people say rooms can't do that but I belive they can. Mr. Edward came in, turned on the music and I danced my heart out. The minute I started nothing else mattered except the next step. I didn't notice the music being stopped. I came back to the real world when Mr. Edward called my name. "Angelina.....class is over." " Oh sorry Mr. Edward." , I said embarased. "Are you okay?" , he asked ," You seem tired." "Oh I'm fine." I replied not eanting to tell him about my sleepless night before. "Okay Angelina, see you next class." "Bye Mr. Edward, thank you." I walked out the door and slammed right into Ms. Suzie. "Are you okay dear?" , she asked as I blushed slightly."I'm fine Ms. Suzie. Just not looking where I was going. Do you need to get in?" I moved aside. "Oh no dear I was actually looking for you." I looked at her. "There is this tall skinny boy, he asked if you were here. I didn't know what to say. Are you dating him? He seemed really anxious to see you." I laughed turning a deeper shade of red like I usually do when people ask me if I'm dating someone. "No thats just Vinny." I smiled almost laughing but not quite. Ms. Suzie gave me a skeptical but amused look. "Well make sure you tell just Vinny because it seems he hasn't gotten the notice."

PLEASE COMMENT and help me think of a title PLEASE!!!! Love Ya!! :)

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Hi Guys
Today was a fun day. My drama class and I went to go see the musical Mask. It was really good. For another random fact about me I love Preforming Arts of all kinds. I recently saw Corteo by Cirque De Soleil. LOVED IT. Then I had half a project block and went to Ms. Sanchez's Algebra 1 class because she lets my best friend and I join in. The math was frustrating me because I couldn't do it. It made me feel really dense because Im in Algebra 2 and I should be able to do it and ya. So I stopped because E and I just take it for fun and we are not really in that class and I did like two sentences on my story which the next post will contain. Then we went to English and Ms. Marina was wearing an owl shirt that she promised me she would wear yesterday and I loved it. Another random fact I ADORE owls. Mkay will type in story now. Have a great day! :)
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Monday, March 24, 2008

I Apologize for all the things I did when I should have done something else...

Hey guys
Sorry my last posts have been so short I have been really busy and shouldnt even be posting now but I am addicted to this blog and dont have the heart to abandon you for days on end. So right now im going to list all the things I could and possibly should be doing.
1. Cleaning my room(AGAIN.. no seriously its dirty)
2. Doing history( kinda sorta have to but I kinda need the sheets I forgot to get in class...Ill do it tomorrow!)
3. Getting together some things for my science project which is due on the second.(What I need to get is dominoes!)
4.Working on my story(I know exactly what I want to write but havent had the time to write it...I lie but its hard when I have other things to do I promise I will do some tonight...Hopefully :] )
5. Helping my mom with dinner( I like helping but dont feel like it)
6. Doing something productive....Trust me I can think of MANY OTHER things to do besides thins like Drawing I havent done that in forever.....*sigh* There is just too little time in the day.

NOw all the love you had for me probably just went right out the window because I m such a lazy butt.. Well what can I do? Go to work you say?? Well okay but after I make my blog rounds! :)

*in a struggling voice* CAN"T RESIST

Hope ya'll had a good Easter! ()_()

Crazy Daisy

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Profile 100

YES!!! My Profile views got to 100!!! HAHA OOO-OOO *little happy dance going on*
Crazy Daisy


Hey guys not much to say except Hi and that I love you for reading my blog!! Will Hopefully post more of my story tomorrow! :)
Crazy Daisy

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The 2nd Part of My Story with No Name

The bus slowed at my stop. I gathered my things. "Have a good time Angelina", Fred said as he opened the doors. "Oh and will you be stopping by the house later for dinner?" "Thanks Fred.", I said as I walked out. "I havent heard from Vinny yet so I don't know about later." "Okay doll", Fred said as he closed the doors. I watched the bus slowly drive away and disappear around the corner.
I took a deep breathe and walked to the doors of the studio, my mind blank. I opened the doors and was greeted by Ms. Suzie the owner of the studio. " How are you dear?" she called from her offie. "I'm fine Ms. Suzie. Can't wait for my lesson." She poked her head out of her office and smiled at me. I set my bag down on a chair. I slid out of my jeans and t-shirt revealing my leotard and tights underneath I quickly untied my shoes and put on my ballet shoes. I loved the quick,airy feeling they gave my feet.
The waiting room of the studio isn't big or fancy. It had a bunch of pictures of dancer covering the walls, many gray chairs for the parents or waiting dancers liek me, an old T.V. which ballet shows play on, theres a water jug which dispenses water into your little cup that you grab from the side, a little table and chairs for the little brothers and sisters,and little kid books to keep them busy. There's a little room connected and right inside is another door which leads to the bathroom.
Mr. Edwards came out and told me to go and stretch at the barre. I walked into the studio and instantly felt the temperature change. I shivered happily. The studio was my favorite room in the whole world at the moment. It had huge windows on one wall that faced the street and a wall of mirror. One wall held the stereo equipment and the door I just walked through and . The other wall was able to go up or down to either connect or seperate the studio at the other end to this one. I pulled the barre away from the windows and placed it in the center. I then started stretching, with my mind at ease.

I hope you like it once again please comment I wouldd LOVE to know what you think.
Crazy Daisy


So as I'm sure you guys know from my last couple of posts I am writing a story.I will post the following part which I made today later this evening.But first I have to clean. Another random fact about me... I am an organizing freak!! I love things being clean and today is my cleaning day..... chores and room! My room is in critical condition and needs emergency help!! (thats me :) Vacum it and everything!! well post later and when I do it will be in a fabulously clean room!!!
Crazy Daisy

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On A Good Note

In Math I actually got the lesson on logarithims. Oh and we dyed Easter Eggs Today YAY!!!!!!I love dyeing easter eggs! ()_()
.............................................................(".) hehe theres my bunny wabbit:)
Crazy Daisy


Hi Guys today I feel really Blah. I had a cold thing going on for a while and I was and I hope I still am getting better but allergies I think are my only problemm I don't know but today my head was in a fog. I hope to add another part to my story but today I just couldn't write. Sorry guys but you will here more and for Amani thank you for all the compliments they are very much appreciated.:) gtg call my friend now.
Crazy Daisy

Monday, March 17, 2008

Okay here it Goes: My Story without a Name and no this is not based on my :)

THERE was my bus...........Finally!! I mean normally I don't mind if my bus is late on the weekends but today I had ballet.It was a totally differant story. Fred opened the doors of the bus and gave me a small smile. "Sorry Angelina", he said." I'm sorry I know you have ballet . There was a couple with a bunch of luggage; they were going to the airport.It took a while to get them settled.......I tried to hurry." He looked really sorry. I smiled ,"It's okay Fred" , I said as I sat down in the front. "You know Mr. Edward is always a little late." "I also know that you like to get to the studio a little early so you can stretch." "Well some days I can get that and Some days I can't the bus schedule is not ryled by me." When we stopped at a red light he turned to me and said,"How are things going at home?" That transllates to," Your mom and your brother aren't fighting to hard...Right?" Things are going okay ", I said which translates to , " Well niether one of them has tried to kill the other......yet." He gave me an apologetic look and went back to driving ,leaving me to think my thoughts. My mind went back home...and the night before. Last night had been one of the worst nights in a while. Mom and Malcom just went back and forth all night. Ever since Dad left to go and get "a big opportunity in New York" Malcom and Mom have been at it worse then ever. I'm the only one who keeps things half-way decent,If I wasn't here the house would explode with chaos. I mean they both argue for no reason. If Mom asks Malcom to mow the lawn its this big deal about how Mom is just trying to keep him away from his friends and keep him from having a life, even though he knows that Mom doesn't know how to work a lawn mower. Likewise if Malcom asks Mom to go to the movies Mom starts telling Mal how she doesn't like the movie or his friends and how she thinks that Mal should be part of our family more and actually eat dinner with us like he should. When Dad was here it wasn't like this.Mal wasn't so rebelious and Mom wasn't so uptight ,short-tempered,or fragile. She cries over everything a dirty dish, a family photo,soap operas (which she never used to watch!)I mean the other day I got a PAPER CUT and she flipped.When Dad was here he,Mal,and I would go get ice-cream and go to the beach to hang out. Now Mal never talks to me and he is always busy going out eith his friends or staying cooped up in his room. I spend most of my time avoiding conflict and doing ballet. I forced these thoughts out of my head. Today was Saturday and I had ballet(!) Today I was going to be happy NOTHING was going to ruin that not Mal,not Mom, and especially not Dad.

Hope you guys like it.Please comment.It makes me feel good :)!!

Crazy Daisy

Hey Guys

I Love my blog and other people's blog!! My favs are at the side so look!! These people are cool. I am writing a story so if you like reading them then here you go and if you want to read some more REALLY GOOD stories check out Amani Zainal at the My World Blog. Lemme tell ya girl can write!! so next post will contain part of my story I do not have a name for it yet so if you have one post it!If not well........ Hope you like it. Some of it might not make sense but thats how I write!!<3>
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Little Brothers and Starbucks

Hi guys. Here is some more random stuff about me. I am the oldest out of 3 siblings.I have to little brothers L and E. L is the oldest little brother and E is the littlest. Well today we went grocery shopping for the week........Fun I know. Actually it isn't too bad because if we go we get to help decide what we eat, if we don't go we get no choice and are not allowed to complain. AnyWay L asked my mom something then walked away and told us to follow him. Well E and I did curious. He brings us to Starbucks and asks us what we want.(Yes there is a Starbucks in the grocery store) We tell him to decide and he tells us E and I can share one and he will get his own. E and I decide on double chocolate chip and L got strawberry. Now you might think my mom payed for this but I will have to say you are wrong. L payed for this with his own money! (Its a surprise he even had enough normally he has something he wants and goes and gets it!). My little brothers are not your average brothers. I know some of you guys have little siblings you call pests. Well I'm not saying that they don't annoy me sometimes but they make up for it. They have not once stolen my diary to read it and wouldn't dream of it.(I've had some friends who had brothers who did that). They respect my space and do not come into my room or "borrow" something from me without asking. They are very considerateand if I'm upset or something will give me a hug or do something to make me feel better. They are supportive of my dreams( ballerina) and L will even help me stretch so I am flexible enough. They are very sweet and I love them!!!! Btw they love starbucks and always go crazy after they have it right now they are running around crazy. Well I got to run my Aunt is here and we are going to go do something fun.
Crazy Daisy

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sleep Deprived

Yes that would about sum me up I can't fall asleep and when I do I have to wake up a couple hours later to go to school. Well tonight is one of those nights but Thank God I don't have school tomorrow. I don't really like's boring. You dont do anything.....but anyway we all must sleep so we can be awake (which I love) so wahtever. If you are like me and like to keep late hours or if you are alsp like me when on some nights you want to sleep but can't fall asleep here are some helpul tips and tricks to get you to snooze-land faster.
Fall Asleep Faster: Relaxation
TipsHow To Fall Asleep Faster |
eHow.comSleep tips for the perpetually awak
Well I hope this helps you right now most of these techniques I already did and they didn't really help so I took a natual sleeping pill. It seems to be working cause I feel a little sleepy. I hope this helps somebody.
Crazy Daisy

Cherry Tree/George Washington Cherry Tree Story

When George was about six years old, he was made the wealthy master of a hatchet of which, like most little boys, he was extremely fond. He went about chopping everything that came his way.

One day, as he wandered about the garden amusing himself by hacking his mother's pea sticks, he found a beautiful, young English cherry tree, of which his father was most proud. He tried the edge of his hatchet on the trunk of the tree and barked it so that it died.

Some time after this, his father discovered what had happened to his favorite tree. He came into the house in great anger, and demanded to know who the mischievous person was who had cut away the bark. Nobody could tell him anything about it.

Just then George, with his little hatchet, came into the room.

"George,'' said his father, "do you know who has killed my beautiful little cherry tree yonder in the garden? I would not have taken five guineas for it!''

This was a hard question to answer, and for a moment George was staggered by it, but quickly recovering himself he cried:

"I cannot tell a lie, father, you know I cannot tell a lie! I did cut it with my little hatchet.''

The anger died out of his father's face, and taking the boy tenderly in his arms, he said:

"My son, that you should not be afraid to tell the truth is more to me than a thousand trees! Yes - though they were blossomed with silver and had leaves of the purest gold!''

For your enjoyment!! haha(taken from

Pretty Pretty Rainbow!


Its Raining It's Pouring,.............. or at least it was and it might later.!!!! If there is one thing that you need to know about me its that I LOVE and ADORE rain!! :) It makes me go even more crazy. So I just got out of the movie theatre I went to go see Spiderwick Chronicles because my little brother read the books and we have this thing in our house where if we read the book we can go see the movie and it was his first time reading a book that turned into a movie...ANYWAY we get out and its raining raindrops....then slush....then hail!!It was fun. As we are driving out of the parking lot we see a kind of dull rainbow and as we see more sky we notice there is a rainbow right next to it! This Rainbow was really vibrant and I took a picture of it for you guys! I now I can hear ya now *background*( Ahhh thats so sweet!) Yeah you now thats what you are thinking . The colors didn't turn out so vibrant but you can use your imagination. I also took a picture of a cherry tree cuz it was pretty and we were sitting in traffic(tons of fun!) Sorry its a bit blurry (we are in a car what can you expect!) Enjoy!!
Crazy Daisy


Okay guys if you look at my blog please comment wether it is helpful tips or what you think please commment!!! I still have much to learn about the blogging world!! Please help me stay sane!I know Im already insane but help me stay saner!
Crazy Daisy (who may be made crazier if you dont comment)

Ballet,Ballet,Ballet <3 It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so right now I'm surfing peoples blogs and I just can't wait to go to ballet class!! I love ballet and I feel powerful in my ballet shoes I feel like I can do anything.Right now I kinda hafta get ready so I'll post more later and hopefully get a blog roll up later.
Crazy Daisy :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Whole Foods Palace

So I just came home from a land of far far away.This land consists of amazing places called Bev-Mo! and Pet Smart(just to name a few), places of useful things. In this land of far far away there is an exquisite palace. For most girls this palace would contain rubys, crystals,emaralds,sapphires,amathysts, and garnets. For me this palace contained ruby grapes,crystal clear water,bluberries the color of sapphires, emerald green lettuce,rasberries the color of garnets,and amathyst colored eggplants.All organic and fresh. The people of this far far away land call it Whole Foods. It is two stories and full of everything to fit your daily needs, and everything to fit your not so daily needs.It has a fabulous parking structure where they give you free two hour parking(as if that is enough time) and everything. This is an enchanted magical place where they have machines that grind nuts and produce fresh ground peanut butter, almond butter, chocolate almond butter, and chocolate peanut butter. :)! This palace had a place where they make freshjiuce,smoothies, pastries, gelato, sorbets, coffe, pizza, and chocolate. They have every kind of wine and tea imaginable. Its enough to make a girl want to faint!! I want to live there and be Queen of the Palace, but sadly that is up to the ruler ,who the subjects call my manager. I had to leave :( but I had to tell you of this fabulous palace. And all I have to say is I will be back!!
Crazy Daisy :)

My Picture....

So I spent like an hour making my picture on the paint program on my computer. I "painted " a daisy picture 3 times until I created the one I have now,only to have it shrunk so it will fit. Oh well it happens. At least you can see my fabulous details. I love it !! I feel it shows what I want it to a cute daisy thats waving with athe words crazy daisy next to it so you guys know its me!I could not figure out a way to show my craziness. Maybe Ill make another one thats really crazy but for now I'm tired of "painting".
Crazy Daisy :)

First Post!!!!!

Hi guys its me Crazy Daisy. I am really excited to have this blog and I hope you are too! Just starting to think about what I want to put (which is everything!) but I'm trying to break it down. I love my template. I think its pretty darn cool so thats always nice. Will be adding new stuff later.
Crazy Daisy :)

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