Friday, January 30, 2009

Blah Blah Blah T-shirts and Jeans

OMG guys I love that song by Lady Gaga Just Dance (I'm listening to it now)

Its one of my favorites!! Sorry about the angry post this morning I was like physco...When I was holding my bowl in the kitchen I wanted to smash it on the ground but those little  white bowls are the only ones I use since they are the perfect size so that stopped me lol. Yeah so with my day off my mom took me shopping. She like made me. I love getting new clothes but everything is sooo expensive. Its crazy but I got some really cute shirts that I love! I feel like all I wear are t-shirts and jeans don't get me wrong I love t-shirts and jeans but when I wear them everyday it makes me feel like I'm wearing the same thing everyday and my t-shirts aren't that colorful so I feel plain and my tank tops are nice and colorful but then it gets too cold. So yeah I got some new stuff which means I'll be getting rid of some shirts I have so yeah that was fun. We were going to go see The Uninvited but I didn't want to get stuck in that one theater with all the stupid people who don't shut up and since it came out today I figured it would be crowded. So yeah that's how my days been going so far. I have a math assignment I could do but I made a rule that I don't do homework on Friday thus allowing at least one day of free time for my to spend my time how I wish.. So yeah. Its really nice to be back here writing about my craziness and my day. Sorry Natasha I never meant for you to think I would abandon this blog! When people think you're leaving that's when you know its been to long lol >.<

        Well peace out for now kitties!

                  Crazy Daisy- The One and Only!!

I Hate Tree Trimmers!!!!!!

Okay so I have the day off today since its been finals week and I have been extremely tired with ballet and these ridiculously stressful tests and I was just looking forward to sleeping in and getting some rest beck. But no. At about 8:30 this morning they started. The constant humming and blowing of leaves. Turns out right next door the neighbors are getting their trees trimmed while I am all for that how bout you pick a decent hour to start sawing up branches huh? So I don't know who set the time schedule but since its the tree trimmers doing it, its the tree trimmers I'm mad at. Yesterday I came home and they were at it so lets just say sleep is far far away.. So then I wake up to go and get a bowl of life ( I heart Life) only to find that my brothers ate it all... I'm all for growing boys but you should see the ridiculously huge bowls of cereal they eat that magically hold more when its the good kind of cereal... Sometimes I'm lucky if I get three bowls of one kind of cereal. So since I didn't want to eat any other cereal I'm eating a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Quaker Oatmeal To Go....
Try Them Warm!!
-Open one end of the wrapper to vent
-Turn microwave on HIGH for approximately 10 seconds
-Remove From microwave carefully as bar may be hot.

Crazy Daisy- ...................

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Okay Now Just Chill.....

So the last time I checked in it was New not that much has happened. Just like last year I am trying out for that preforming arts school. Thats nerveracking and exciting all in one. Ummm I am just hanging out right now. Finals are this week and I took my french and math exam today. So everyday we take two tests and then get our at 12:30!!! So that totally rocks. My friends are awesome by the way they are just the coolest people in the world!! We just have such a good time we're always laughing and messing with each other. Chats on Aim are always funny :) they make me smile and make school and my life just that much better. I love you guys! Yeah so pretty much just studying dancing and talking with my friends. Hope all is well in your world!
Crazy Daisy-Drinking From The Cup Of Whimsical Thoughts
-Changed my icon as you can see I wanted to change my screen name but I couldn't think of something fun/crazy/intense/whimsical/elegant/pretty got any ideas?!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! Guys it is finally 2009!!! Yay! I'm at G-'s house right now..her dad had a new years party we went to see the floats for a local parade. It was fun...G-s taking a 30 min nap. E- is playing the stacking game on G-'s Iphone... We are getting ready to partay!!! LOLZ well we are just preparing for a night of memories, we are going to be watching Gossip Girl (Yes that show is taking over the world :D) talking, writing resolutions.. So fun New Year stuff. G-'s brother is playing playstation so hes not being rude like he usually is. I called some of my friends but they didn't answer... If you are reading this I hope all is well.
Merry Belated Christmas I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. I certainly did. I cant wait to get back into my rythm of things. Since I have been out of school and on break. So yeah. ;)


Catch ya Later Party Peoples!
Crazy Daisy~ $<:) <--- new years smiley >.<

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