Saturday, August 29, 2009


mmmhmmm okay!! so I am like obsessed with birthdays! I think that they are a little silly but overall I love celebrating them with my friends-I mean I enjoy celebrating my friend's birthdays (my birthdays-ehh not as much fun -well sometimes:P) but anyway yes and I have this issue where I have to say happy birthday like a gazillion times that day......

So heres to my friend A_L_E_X :

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOOOO since you're in Hawaii and I don't want to ruin your vacation I have to get kinda creative on how I'm saying happy birthday...I said so on facebook,and I'll send one on twitter even though you never use it..haha you need to login and see it-you'll find this via email its almost late enough to send a txt and that's about 5 times...which is pretty decent :) but some thanks and thoughts are in order..
SO happy birthday Alex you're a fantastic friend to have and very handy when it comes to music lessons ;) I learn a lot about new musicians and just random stuff--which makes me seem smarter sooo thanks for that! I also think your random insults invented during conversations are funny even though I say they're get points for letting me see your guys's band even though it wasn't just you ... and for acting excited about my dancing...
Okay so I don't really know what I'm trying to do here--- just saying happy birthday and thanks thanks for all you've done and for inviting me to go to Hollywood and the winter musical-which got me into the summer musical,thank you for being funny,and being patient when I'm totally ignorant in some subjects like musicals,and soccer,and amazing artists..
haha :D

okay I'm ending this now!!!


-- Danica--

Friday, August 28, 2009


Okay so things have been pretty snazzy today I officially ordered some glasses AND sunglasses and we got money off them so its all good....and I pretty much know how I'm gonna get my hair cut I just need it to happen...

skdjhtoiwne~~!! I am sooo supposed to be doing AP work I haven't done any for 2 days!! and theres 1 more week til school and I have to finish 1 1/2 chapters plus vocab plus study guide questions....ACK!!! well I am going to be done by the end of the weekend I promise myself I have to be because otherwise I'll like die.....I'm just really kinda tired cos I haven't been sleeping well but I spent the night at my best friend graces house with my other bestie emma and it was soooo much fun! but yeah I just haven't been in the focused yeeeeeah
and my buddy jordan and I are choreographing this super awesome crazy demented intense dance and its fabulous -our first rehearsal was yesterday and in 4 hours we got like 1 min completely accomplished and and outline for the dance..AHH!!! its bloody brill!!
and I learned while listening to my friends band rehearsal (I was like the first outsider to hear them and be at their rehearsal I felt super special...)that my friend Pavel plays CELLO!!!! its amazingly super cool....and he plays standup base so hes my role model ;P
SO yeah that's the local happs.... and now I'm going to enjoy dinner and a movie with my family get some well needed rest and then hit the books tomorrow!

dancing with myself :P

Sunday, August 16, 2009


As I mentioned in my last post I want to make some changes and I decided to give my blog a make-over the way I write and the font colors and such will be different hence why I set it up to only show one post....this one is different :)

I want to settle and adapt and I was getting a little bored with blogging so why not change it? and make it more interesting...I am also going to incorporate my dance blg into here since I dont want to manage 2 you'll be hearing more about my dancing...
So for now this is how it will be..and I really like it... thanks to for the template shes amazing and her templates are very fun and unique....

Til Next Time

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Season...

Most people live their lives by years - I pretty much live them by seasons.... dance season is starting in the fall which brings in school and everythings great.... And I think I'm trying to start new.. give myself a makeover.. I'm giving away clothes getting new clothes planning a haircut and deciding to make changes in the way I exercise and if you read that line it might seem odd. I'm a dancer I don't over eat and I'm a healthy weight but I need to be like amazon warrior-lol not really but it will improve my dancing.I need to stretch more and gain more muscle I need to be more fit aerobically.... its alot I'm thinking about and doing but I'm excited..

And as of this moment right now I'm going to learn Portuguese somehow because my goal is to audition for Grupo Corpo in Brazil later in life....

I haven't written alot lately but I will in the coming school/dance season but for now I'm enjoying my summer.. :)


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