Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For All the World

So when theres many things I need to do I believe in stopping (especially if I am stressing) and taking a look on what I am feeling and how i got here. Life's been really good lately. Much better this week than last week and I can honestly say that for the past few days I've been able to walk into school with a smile. Maybe its because summer is around the corner, maybe its because I haven't been ignored this week, maybe its because I've built a guard of hilarious and sweet friends, maybe its because I've felt pretty all week. Whatever the reason I like that change.

I've been working on change for a while. I am going to start taking aerial arts class in addition to my 1 adult ballet class a week. I was reading some older posts. I don't encourage you to read them I feel that i sound incompetent and immature. Not sure how to handle myself on my own blog. Which was the truth the Internet used to be so foreign and new. Now its an everyday thing. I still am looking for a harder dance course. I need to work on jumps.

However in my search for self peace and new dance classes I auditioned for a weekend dance intensive. I GOT IN to my surprise and its with Lineage Dance Co. A company I admire. They put on the Pasadena Dance Festival that was the most fun I have ever had.

When changing and finding room for it you tend to find memories. Its a process sorting through them recognizing them for what they were and your history than either keeping them close to heart, filing them under the important category, or placing them neatly in a box to be put in your newly organized attic for a time much later. I feel confident in the way my inner self lies and flows. I feel more confident in my dancing and singing. I don't feel so undermined or that I am striving too hard. I work hard and I love it--I feel that I am in the right place. In the last year I have met many new people who've helped me come this far and feel as capable as I do. I thank them and I thank the Universe.

Thank you for teaching me to continue and thank you for continuing.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

These Changes


life isn't the easiest right now. theres kinda a lot of situations going on around me and i am invested in each one and i dont know what to think. you know those issues with friends and other people and that girl that cant get a hold of her life. well this girl is holding on but she cant really grab anything stable right now. not even herself. theres not a lot of people to hold her and check up on her and shes not even sure if she wants that right now. it was going fine and now its not going as fine. i'm typing in a mess, a problem, both mentally and physically. sometimes being strong enough to pull yourself through means you have to and you have to prove but sometimes its not enough and you arent the greatest and you get upstaged and everyone gravitates towards them leaving you asking "hello?" i need a balance. i wish things could happen that really just cant and it hurts to be told that again and again but i am still wishing and still being told no and it hurts real bad...


Monday, April 19, 2010



SO my day wasn't that bad. It was rather pleasant even though it was the first day back after spring break. This morning I went to the chiropractor to get my lower back fixed and MAN! did it feel so much better. Then I went to school my french class wasn't too bad we reviewed and Ms.Hart even made me laugh a couple times so it was enjoyable. My dance class is always fun though we just talked about the show and didn't dance. My English class is always really interesting and we are working on a poem project so I will be doing that in a little bit the only thing is that I cant find my grammar book--Have you seen it? cos I sure haven't. Chemistry was a bit over my head as usual. History was a lot of review and can you believe it?!The AP test is in two and a half weeks away!!! So scary. But I will be prepared is what I keep telling myself. Math was math I did my homework we have a district test tomorrow what else is new? ANNNDD I am working on getting voice lessons and I am going back to dance tomorrow so I am SOO excited. Yay so that s a day in the life of moi :)

if i could figure it out


Sunday, April 18, 2010



so i am really excited for our blogging party. For those not in the know one of my good friends sarah started a blog! (you should go check it out--I already gave you the link what more do you need? ) And we have made an agreement to keep writing on our blog to stay in touch since we live too far away from each other. So I am excited to get back to blogging and I like to imagine sarah is excited about blogging so lets get this started!! :)



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