Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yay so its christmas eve eve!! Its the eve of christmas eve!!!! My little dog is shaggy!! lol! just a random thought. Oh I've been running errands all day.. grrr but now the christmas tree is decorated and light Im on the internet and listening to christmas carols what could make this better??? Hmmmm oh I know a fire and my cold to go away!! That would be nice! lol.. Im happy. Wanna know why?!!! Its almost christmas!!! And my real reason is that I got to work on my charcoal drawings I have missed art so much!!!I love charcoal and I did a really good one the others were mediocore. If I do say so mself... Nobody is online to chat with and noone wants to answer their phone or call me back. No one likes me!!!!! D: D: D: D: D: WWWAAAHHH!!! Okay *sniffle* Im alright now. I still have to make christmas cards lol!!! oh well I dont feel like it.... I miss my friends. Since nobody wants to talk to me.. Im lonely.. But any of you kind readers are welcome to leave me a comment and change that!! *wink wink* okay Im gonna go now... Natasha fix your blog!!!! and profile!!!!!
See ya later snowflakes >.<
Crazy Daisy~
I wish you would call or leave a comment but no... (-__-''') i miss u

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

hey guys!!

Whats up peoples!!
I have been like uber busy since school really got started after my last post. :P I have been enjoying myself at school and talking to my friends on the telephone well those who answer and call back anyway. its all good! Speaking of the telephone..Mine got stolen!! As well as my ipod! *sighs* I am soooo pissed off! I mean I can talk on the house phone and listen to my music on the computer but the fact that someone actually went through my backpack and stole something that I really like gets under my skin... it happened during gym... Well thing have been going good! Christmas is right around the corner. I get off this Friday which is a minimal day Yay!!! Can't wait I am so past this week already...Okay peoples well I'm off! I will be back I just have an itch to write :D
Catch ya later snowflakes >.<
Crazy Daisy~

P.S. Sorry Lsu I didnt see your comment until now...Check ur email! its easier to talk that way!

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