Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is It really


how are you? I hope you're good. Do you come here often? I do. well. Often enough for me my visits are interesting-probably intriguing to you hence why you come to see if I've come back and left a note. Thank you. That pleasant conversationalism is just that pleasant and I sort of enjoy it..

When I think of elegance I think of my grandmother--when I smell a lovely perfume or hear of a business cocktail party something fun but delightful-I think of her.
When I think of times before ours-not ancient but separate where girls were trained and taught manners and knew how to be a lady -I think of my great-grandmother
When I think of tea-parties I remember when I was little reading raggedy ann books and deciding that I was Marcella and I would have a nice teas party with my dolls.I think of running through rose gardens. Remembering the multiple times I have run through huge rose gardens hiding under some of the large bushes watching the sun travel-being pleasing and warm--I remember one day I did such a think and I felt that I was in a Monet painting---even at 10 I had loved his work and the happiness I felt could be reflected in such beauty.
When I think of traveling I think of my Aunt Norma-I haven't mentioned her here-she was a beautiful person
I think of traveling across the world to exotic places to the amazon and africa to india and china-I want to go to Europe and see how they run things over there.

We had callbacks yesterday-I got nervous and scared and I almost started crying in the middle of my song but I didn't stop... They cut me but its okay in the sense that I can probably get the flying monkey part because I killed in dance auditions. I just feel so embarrassed because everyone heard me sing-and I didn't do that well and I don 't want people to go away with that as my impression--I can sing better.. but marlene said I did good and she thought I was having fun with it even though I was almost crying but she couldn't tell but I'll go with that.I was so proud to be friends with asya,sarah,jordan,alex,and pavel--they were so amazing and I love them all---And I must thank Olive for making me feel happy she truly has talent and she's so feel-good!

to have you see me


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

La la la la la the world is round...

Eric got the link to my blog about two seconds ago "HI ERIC!! " Now a days I actually have people reading this though none of them leave a comment like emma d., emma p., maddy, and gigi ...LOL LEAVE A COMMENT GUYS...

okay updates....I am still dancing thought I missed class all last week for homecoming and sickness and the final football game of the season...I went yesterday felt really bad I stayed home...again..---bad ballerina! Anyway I've been trying to save my voice because yours truly will be auditioning for Addaperle "the feel good girl!" in The Wiz...and pavel chris and alex and jordan are also auditioning..... and I think that they are all singing the lion song...not quite sure--safe to say its gonna be a PARTY tomorrow!! Oh yeah and my friend megan she auditions right before me so we get to be audition buddies!! so yeah I'm singing He's the Wiz and am pretty good if I do say so myself...

So I'm actually excited-kinda nervous---but mostly excited...and I'm gonna have a super cute outfit on so even if I fail I could just stand and look pretty...

So school is still school ---its all about adaption now...just going with it getting the work done having fun...if it wasn't for my friends I would probably melt but chatting and working with them keeps me occupied.. and surviving..

Dance has been getting better too those girls aren't so cliche-y and they will actually talk to me... AND jordan and I are talking a ballet class together next week so I'm so very excited and the dance that we're choreographing is like wayyy ahead of schedule so we're SUPERSTARS....isn't it great?

yeah well I didn't exactly know what else to say in here....I'll update you tomorrow on how auditions went and the shin-dig that went down before.. :)

keep well and entertained and be witty darlings for I've re-energized myself and decided that I cant be so down all the time its time to make a change...... Live well.....


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