Tuesday, April 27, 2010

These Changes


life isn't the easiest right now. theres kinda a lot of situations going on around me and i am invested in each one and i dont know what to think. you know those issues with friends and other people and that girl that cant get a hold of her life. well this girl is holding on but she cant really grab anything stable right now. not even herself. theres not a lot of people to hold her and check up on her and shes not even sure if she wants that right now. it was going fine and now its not going as fine. i'm typing in a mess, a problem, both mentally and physically. sometimes being strong enough to pull yourself through means you have to and you have to prove but sometimes its not enough and you arent the greatest and you get upstaged and everyone gravitates towards them leaving you asking "hello?" i need a balance. i wish things could happen that really just cant and it hurts to be told that again and again but i am still wishing and still being told no and it hurts...it hurts real bad...



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